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The end of the year is fast approaching and we at Crush Pro Trading have an opportunity for you! We are awarding 2 members access to the Crush Pro Trading School, and you get to name the price! That’s right; we are holding an auction and the top 2 bidders will receive admission. If you are not a member yet then all you need to do is register as a free member and email us your bid.

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Admission to the TTC Trading School (English & Japanese)

Focusing on technical analysis, learn to analyze the markets and develop your own trading plan. The school is not a 2 day seminar but a chance to learn to trade directly from our experienced traders for the duration of the school, making sure you can apply the skills learnt.

Many hours of private Training (regular price 420,000 yen): The Trading School is a combination of self study and practical lessons covering from the basic to advanced trading techniques to risk and money management. The school is flexible so you can go as fast or slow as needed to understand and implement the concepts.

Join a Crush Pro Team (value 48,000 yen): You will also gain access to a Crush Pro Team of your choice. Learn the strategy that team is trading, and work together with your teammates to practice, trade and review your progress.

1 Year Crush Pro Membership (value 40,000 yen): 1 year of membership is included. As long as you maintain your membership, you will continue to be a student of Crush Pro Trading.

Name your price!

From now until December 14th at 5pm

Simply email us the price you would like to pay for this opportunity. Submit a bid and you will be notified when other bids come in. The Top 2 Winners will be announced after the final bids have been accepted at 5pm on December 14th.

Feel free to bid as many times as you like!

The ability to time the markets is a critical part of successful trading, especially right now during times of market volatility and particularly bearish times. It is this ability often displayed best by technical traders that really allows them to take best advantage. It is one thing to know how something works and quite another to make it work for you.

Through the Crush Pro Trading School we are dedicated to working with those with a desire and discipline to do what it takes to trade successfully. Working man to man with a mentor, you will learn how to analyze markets, and ultimately be able to create and execute your own trading plan. These are the skills that study with practice can produce, leading to exceptional returns with controlled levels of risk beyond what a straight buy and hold philosophy can possibly hope to produce.

This offer will end soon so in order to take advantage of the course and what learning with mentors can provide, contact us as soon as possible and submit your bid for one of the spots at a reduced cost. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have and we look forward to working with you.

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