Golden Week Discount!

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Golden Week 2020 Discount

50% OFF ALL THINGS CRUSH: Coupon Code GW50 Hello Traders! We hope you and yours are healthy and safe, and though we cannot physically move around and enjoy Golden Week together, it is an ideal time to develop your skills for trading. We are working together to trade strategies that work and help you to become a profitable independent trader. Our training program is designed to help you not only to learn, practice and trade, but also to conquer the psychology hurdles which defeat most. Along with sharing trading opportunities in our trading rooms, we hold review sessions to share … Read More

Mental Analysis: Developing a Trader’s Mindset

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Developing a trader’s mindset is critical to your success. Trading is an unnatural endeavor and you must develop the mental skills to be able to truly accept the risks, make decisions with incomplete information, and create the disciplines to follow your trading plan to achieve consistency. Bodybuilding coaching at home with muscle-upfr – trenbolone mix tri tren weight room in beausset, eden form – (var).Mark Douglas, a world-class trader and one of the top trading coaches, has presented his work through his books “The Disciplined Trader” and “Trading in the Zone”. We highly recommend adding these 2 books to your … Read More

Crush Pro Trading School Auction

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The end of the year is fast approaching and we at Crush Pro Trading have an opportunity for you! We are awarding 2 members access to the Crush Pro Trading School, and you get to name the price! That’s right; we are holding an auction and the top 2 bidders will receive admission. If you are not a member yet then all you need to do is register as a free member and email us your bid. Click Here to Register Admission to the TTC Trading School (English & Japanese) Focusing on technical analysis, learn to analyze the markets and … Read More

Crush Rewards Program

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Hello Traders, Trading education comes in all shapes and sizes, and costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The cost definitely does not equal quality. Some of them actually trade, but many are just trying to sell you something. If you hear things like make millions, guaranteed monthly profits, 95%+ win rate, then it is up to you to be skeptical. Marketing is a powerful thing, and we have seen it all like the email everyday or those countdown timers giving you a limited time to decide. We believe that having a mentor/coach is extremely valuable … Read More

Welcome to Crush Pro Teams!

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Hello Traders! We are proud to announce the launch of Crush Pro Trading! We are a private trading group dedicated to helping you develop the trading skills to be successful. As traders ourselves, we know what it takes to be profitable, and what pitfalls there are for those who are just starting out or unable to reach their goals. Traits of a Pro Trader The skills of successful trading can be learnt, and there are many approaches one can take to making money. These are a few characteristics of pro traders that you should take seriously if you aspire to … Read More