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Hello Traders,

Trading education comes in all shapes and sizes, and costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The cost definitely does not equal quality. Some of them actually trade, but many are just trying to sell you something. If you hear things like make millions, guaranteed monthly profits, 95%+ win rate, then it is up to you to be skeptical. Marketing is a powerful thing, and we have seen it all like the email everyday or those countdown timers giving you a limited time to decide.

We believe that having a mentor/coach is extremely valuable as it will save you time and money in the long term. Look at any successful professional out there and you will find that they have one or more coaches working with them to perfect their game.

The real value comes from a mentor who works closely with their students to help them learn, understand and implement what is taught whether it be trading concepts or a complete strategy. This does not include video training which though helpful for absorbing information, falls short when your only contact is an email address. Of course the “what” is important, but trading is a psychological endeavor as real money is involved and not many mentors out there actually address this problem.

At Crush Pro Trading we are working closely with our members focusing on the psychological problem of trading. By joining a Crush Pro Team you will be trading alongside the Team Leader who is an experienced independent profitable trader. You will work with your teammates to implement the team’s strategy together, and no trader is left behind.

We have laid out our Path to Master Trader, and with the guidance of your teammates and mentor, you have a clear direction, full of activities and challenges leading to the ultimate goal of becoming an independent profitable trader. Not only that but we reward our members every step of the way!

The Crush Rewards Program is set up to award you points for every activity you complete from your first log in to completing your training to working with your teammates to share opportunities, trade and review your progress. You will also be rewarded for every month you are profitable and when you achieve 80%+ profits in a year then your membership is free!

This is our way to say thank you to those members who work hard to make Crush Pro Trading a top notch professional trading group.

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