Learn to Trade: The Path to Master Trader

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It is a very exciting time when you make the decision to learn something new or pick back up something you’ve put aside for a while. You’ve made the commitment to work towards achieving a goal. And, you are motivated to get to work on it. In trading, that goal should be to become a self-directed independent trader. In this article Learn to Trade: The Path to Master Trader you will see the process our members go through to learn, practice, and work together to trade markets all over the world.

I decided to learn to trade over 20 years ago after meeting a pro trader in Chicago. I became really motivated to hear about his experience and what was possible with trading. Even though he was my mentor, I was still on my own to learn and develop a plan.

As I learned new skills and techniques, my motivation grew and grew. The dream of becoming an independent trader was alive. However, learning to trade took me a very long time with lots of trial and error. As well as a few blowouts along the way. I must’ve made every mistake possible! Above all, I realized that the biggest hurdle to overcome is a psychological one. Finally, after a lot of hard work, I achieved my goal.

At Crush Pro Trading, our mission is to help each and every member who joins us to achieve the goal that we call Master Trader. Reaching big goals don’t happen that often. Moreover, the work and discipline needed to achieve them can be quite daunting. We have broken it down into smaller milestones called levels, laying out the path which will get you there as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Learn to Trade: 5 Levels

Learn to Trade: Newbie Digital Badge


Level 1

All new members of Crush Pro Trading start here. Whether you are brand new to trading or you have been doing it for years, this is where everyone begins as building a solid foundation is critical for your success.

One part might be to unlearn bad habits and develop good ones. For example, completing the courses in a timely manner, being prepared, or making your trading education a priority. Ultimately, by doing these things you will be moving in the right direction.

Learn to Trade Beginner Digital Badge


Level 2

Now that you have joined a Crush Pro Team, you are ready to meet your teammates and begin your training. There are a variety of activities designed to help you learn the strategy your team is trading, get set up and practice, practice, practice! They will keep you motivated as you move along your path.

Through the trading review sessions, you will be able to work through the psychology of trading and learn from OPE (Other People’s Experience). Most importantly, being accountable to your teammates will go a long way in helping you with the disciplines required to trade correctly.

Learn to Trade Novice Digital Badge


Level 3

At this level, you have completed the training process and have gone “live”. You are now ready for the real deal, trading your money. This is where you really start to feel the psychology of trading. Most importantly, following the trading plan is critical so you can control the voices in your head. By the end of this level, you will understand how important the path to a master trader is for learning to trade.

Along with your teammates, you share opportunities in the trading rooms, implement the strategy correctly, and attend the trading review sessions to review your trades together completing the process, rinse, and repeat. Above all, your focus is on your performance and becoming profitable.

Learn to Trade: Advanced Trader Badge


Level 4

At this point, you have been trading live and you have achieved your 4th profitable month. Great job! It is well known that anyone can be profitable for 3 months, and by surpassing that hurdle you’ve joined a smaller and smaller club.

Also, you have become a mentor, organizing trading review sessions, and helping other members who might not be doing as well as you have. Mentoring other members not only helps them, but it also helps you to continually improve your trading skills. And working together with other traders is more fun! No member who puts in the work is left behind.

Master Trader Badge

Master Trader

Top Level

Congratulations! You have achieved our highest level along with your goal of becoming an independent profitable trader. In addition, you are now a certified practitioner of technical analysis, and you have completed all the activities and hard work required, Above all, you have completed your first year of profitability. Not only that, but you have the digital credentials to prove it. We are very proud that you are one of our own.

Above all, developing a trader’s mindset is critical to your success. Therefore, it is our focus from start to finish. It has already been proven that trading can be learned, and at Crush Pro Trading we reward you every step of the way through the Crush Rewards Program.

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